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Flow Meter

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Blowby Meter

Real Time Controls offers the state of the art blow-by meters for automotive engine testing. This incorporates the state of the art micro-controller, analog to digital converter and embedded software to provide reliable performance.


• All wetted parts are Stainless steel
• Accurate Flow reading
• 16 Bit RISC Micro controller
• Alpha Numeric LED / LCD display
• 12V battery operation or Mains operation
• Resolution 0.1 LPM
• Range of models to meet user requirements
• 0.5% accuracy
• < 100 mm of pressure drop across the meter
• Imported accurate pressure sensor
• RS232C computer interface
• 0 to 5 V analog output for DAS interface
• IP – 55 Enclosures
• Easy to use
• Calibration tractability to NIST USA
• 16 Bit – low power A/D
• Built in self calibration
• Imported auto zeroing Relays
• Fully enclosed display and sensor
• Remote display facility
• Direct computer interface
• Ease of cleaning and maintenance
• Wall/Panel mountable
• Visual Oil block indication
• Easy 2 step calibration facility
• Operating temperature 0 to 50°c. 98% RH
• Compact size
• Available in all flow ranges from 0 to 120 LPM to 0 to 800 LPM

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