Dry Electronic Testing

Single and dual dry electronic testing machines are specialized equipment used to test the quality and integrity of condoms before they are packaged and distributed. These machines use advanced technology to detect any defects or abnormalities in the condoms, such as leaks or weak spots, that could compromise their effectiveness.

Single / Dual Dry Electronic Testing Machines

Used for Quality Control batch testing for Pin Holes.

Suitable for Male and Female condoms and also for Rubber and Polyurethane Condoms.


• Programmable Motor Speed Control
• Reliable AC Motor Control
• Inbuilt Calibration Software
• Programmable High Voltage
• Emergency ShutOff
• Separate Bins for Good and Bad Condoms
• Total tested count, Good and Bad count is maintained
• WiFi IOT enabled Machine
• Rugged – 24×7 Operation
• Available as Single / Dual Stations
• Machines for Male and Female Condoms
• Machines for Rubber and Polyurethane Condoms



Single dry electronic testing machines are designed to test one condom at a time, while dual dry electronic testing machines can test two condoms simultaneously. Both types of machines use air pressure and other methods to simulate real-world conditions and ensure that the condoms meet strict quality standards.


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