Your Own e-bike Charging Station

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Your Own e-bike Charging Station

Real Time Controls offers easy to use e-bike charging / metering solution. Using this any shop owner can start an e-bike charging station to supplement his income.

You can recover the cost of the equipment in 3 months. It is tamper-proof and easy to use.

• Large 4 line LCD user interface
• Indicates Voltage, Current, Power, Time and KWH
• Accurate Measurements
• Triple Protection
• Emergency Stop
• No Special Wiring Required
• 230V~15 Amps Max
• Wall Mountable Design
• Easy to Fix and Operate
• Hardware Key for Authorization- key Removable
• Waterproof Design

Uses- Malls, Theatres, Hospitals, Temples, Colleges, Govt Offices Apartment Buildings etc.

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