Enhancing Blood Safety with Real Time Controls’ Blood Bag Tester

In the realm of medical devices, ensuring the safety and integrity of blood bags is paramount. Real Time Controls offers an advanced Blood Bag Tester, designed to meet the stringent ISO 3826-1:2019(E) standards. This tester conducts two critical tests: the leak test under constant pressure and the emptying under pressure test. These tests ensure that blood bags are reliable and safe for use in medical settings, preventing any potential risk of contamination or failure during transfusions.


The Blood Bag Tester is built with precision, allowing for accurate and efficient testing. By integrating this device into your quality control process, you can guarantee the highest standards of blood bag safety and performance.


Switching from manual to digital pressure testers offers several key benefits:

      1. Accuracy: Digital testers provide precise readings, reducing the chance of human error inherent in manual testing.

      1. Efficiency: They streamline the testing process, saving time and effort.

      1. Data Logging: Digital testers can store and export data for analysis, improving record-keeping and traceability.

      1. Consistency: They ensure consistent pressure application and measurement, enhancing reliability.

      1. Ease of Use: Digital interfaces are typically user-friendly, making the testing process simpler and more intuitive.

    Overall, digital pressure testers enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of pressure measurements compared to manual methods.


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